Update of Kandytoes - Kandi Lopez

First of all I want to apologize for not updating my blog as much as most people do or that one is suppose to. I am not like most people, as most of you already know I go through life to the beat of my own drums and nobody can or will tell me otherwise.

I have enjoyed knowing that my fans are elated with the work I have done so far.

Just a few announcements; I do want to inform everybody that the youtube.com/kandytoes has been disabled and therefore I had to create a new one. The youtube site for the old and the new kandytoes video's are http://www.youtube.com/kandytoez -- further more I have requested for my official website to be taken down after a year in operation and I am still debating weather or not it should reinstated again.

Currently I am on facebook, you can add me as a friend - Kandi Lopez - but since facebook only allows one person to have 5000 friends which I currently have, I had to resort to a more unconventional way of keeping my fans in the loop. I have created a fan based page for KANDYTOES - Kandi Lopez and you can find it by searching for KANDYTOES on facebook or by clicking though this link directly http://www.facebook.com/pages/KANDYTOES-Kandi-Lopez/118268112685?ref=ts#/pages/KANDYTOES-Kandi-Lopez/118268112685?ref=ts.

I have also created a twitter page under the name Kandytoez.

I have also created a skype account for video conferencing, you can add me by searching for Kandytoez or Kandi Lopez.

Thank you all for your support for if not for any of you I wouldn't be where I am today.

Just recently Mark Abott approached me if I would like to do a tickle video and since there is a large fanbase for it and a lot of my fans has been askind -- I have thought about doing a half hour Tickle DVD for the special individuals who just love to see me squirm, laugh, screem, etc. for my life just to get out of being tickled. Every time I think of being tickled butterflies well worse it seems to feel more like hummingbirds as they start fluttering inside my stomach all the way up my throat which makes my toes curl in every direction. I guess I will just have endure being tickled. *smiles or not. I guess you all just have to stay tuned.

I would like to keep this short and sweet so, stay tuned everybody.

Just keep in mind that your life is a reflection of your state of mind *smiles



First I would like to say thank you for all of your support. I would not be here if it weren’t for all of you. My name is Kandice and I live in the Greater Toronto Area. I am 5’4” and 120 lbs. Asian, Spanish, and Indian descent. I enjoy cooking for friends and family, books, international movies, dancing, long walks, extreme sports, traveling, dining out, wine, laughing, enjoying your friends, making new friends, learning, enjoying what life has to offer, and most of all family. Life is what we make of it, live the best way I know how. Nobody knows you more than you know yourself know who, what and where can make you truly satisfied and happy.

I was introduced to this world by a good friend Mark Abbott. We met online a long time ago about 3 yrs. He told me that he has a site of women’s feet for the foot fetish world. I didn’t think much of it and has ignored Mark’s plea’s to have a picture of my feet for a long time. I have personally thought that my feet were ugly and grotesque ever since I was a child I have had my feet called ginger toes or wide load feet. I started dating our contractor who was 13 yrs. my senior a man who had a leg, foot, and stocking fetish, he introduced a world of pampering and worshiping on a part of a human body that is widely thought to be ugly, dirty and disgusting by most. He touched me and kissed me on parts of my legs and feet that I never thought would make a woman feel the way I did, but it did and more. Since I have Broken up with that boyfriend I have contemplated more about the time spent with him then finally decided to put my pictures up on Marks website http://www.geocities.com/markscelebs/kandy.html. This website has started the overnight sensation that is now called Asian Kandytoes. Ever since then I have put numerous video clips on www.youtube.com/kandytoes and has gotten great responses. I have received so many emails from so many fans and I cannot thank you enough for the support. I now know that my feet make people happy so I am now taking this to another level. I have been contacted by a couple photographers who wanted to work with me in different types of genre of the foot fetish world. I have recently done a couple of new video’s and it should be available on www.youtube.com/kandytoes or on the clip store. I have also now opened an account on ebay for those who wanted to purchase my shoes, socks, stocking and more. High Definition pictures as well HD Video’s will soon be available to you so stay tuned.